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American International Institute of Graduate Studies

Formerly known as: The North American Higher Education Center For Post Graduate Studies


  • Quality distance education programs.
  • Faculty has strong academic credentials and industry experience.
  • Affordable lower tuition with convenient payment plan.
  • Financial aid, grants and tuition scholarships available.
  • Personalized Student Services.
  • Text book rental plan available through the AIIGS bookstore.
  • Choice of modes of instruction-online, correspondence, directed independent study
  • Subscribe to diverse on-line library resource services accessible worldwide for the benefit of our students at minimum cost.
  • Phone and email consultation with assigned faculty advisor.
  • AIIGS endorses the practice and principles of the Better Business Bureau and currently maintains a BBB reliability rating of A+.
  • AIIGS is an Accredited member of the Accrediting Commission International (A.C.I)‚  For information and reference on AIIGS, contact the Accrediting Commission International, P.O. Box 1030, Beebe, Arkansas 72012, U.S.A.


AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF GRADUATE STUDIES was founded in Texas in June 2010 by a group of educators Professor Dr. W. Chukuma Achebe, Professor Dr. Albert Anderson, Professor Dr. Clement Anyiwo, Professor Dr. Gloria Lynch, Professor Dr. Reuben N. Ogbudinkpa, Professor Dr. Prasad Padmanagham and Dorothy A. Ybarra, MBA, who saw the need for an Open University to address the educational aspirations of potential students in developing countries, who show strong interest in American style post-secondary education, but cannot afford the cost without financial assistance, as well as U.S. adult learners, who are seeking educational opportunities involving practical life or work experience in occupationally related courses and programs leading to certificates and degrees. The AIIGS offers lower tuition, thus, requiring less student loans, without compromising on academic quality in the learning process. In April 2009, The AIIGS was approved to do business in the state of California.

The distance education programs offer the flexibility needed in the days of higher mobility. The special features of the programs include living anywhere or moving anytime without interrupting your course work.

The AIIGS Adjunct Vice Chancellor for Administration is Professor Reynaldo Ramirez Ph.D, Texas Woman's University, Denton, Texas.



The mission of AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF GRADUATE STUDIES-an open university, is to change lives through education and to promulgate American styled higher education abroad. AIIGS online programs seek to foster and facilitate technological enhanced higher education; life-long learning and competences for advancing international development co-operation, in various fields in Africa and Latin America countries, supported and regularly updated with American technological creativity; curriculum and subsidized tuition. AIIGS seeks to put all hands on deck in meeting global "skill-gaps" and job performance competencies; by co-opting various public and private education community stakeholders. The final products are expected to be persons endowed with high competency, morality and sensitivity.


American International Institute of Graduate Studies was chartered in Texas in 2010, (formerly known as the North America Higher Education Center for Post Graduate Studies Abroad). AIIGS is a non-profit institution and maintains a reliability rating of A+ with the Better Business Bureau serving Central Texas. AIIGS is an accredited member of the Accrediting Commission International (ACI) in BEEBE, ARKANSAS, USA. AIIGS is seeking other accreditations and partnerships in the U.S. to foster its academic programs. AIIGS is also a member of International Association of Educators for World Peace.


The AIIGS strives to confront students with the full force of the diverse developments taking place in all aspects of modern life, to draw on the experiences of their predecessors for future they own and that of society. While recognizing that many students are career-oriented, The AIIGS nevertheless believes that a liberal arts education is realized in a curriculum that includes a study and appreciation of literature and the creative arts to establish sound aesthetic values; a study of psychology and philosophy, human person; a study of the natural sciences to reveal the relationship between humanity and nature; and a study of social science; of other languages, and of other civilizations to demonstrate the relationship between people and their institutions. The educational objective to which AIIGS is committed also includes the fostering of moral growth among its students of all faiths. The achievement of these goals is measured by the students ability to integrate their knowledge as they pursue a required core of general studies. These general studies also provide them with intellectual skills to delve more deeply into a special field of their own choosing, appropriate to their abilities and interests. Besides the general and major requirements, the student may choose elective courses in order to explore new realms of knowledge or to allow a closer examination of their chosen field of specialization. The AIIGS will place special emphasis on two values, which are esteemed today as singularly important: quality instruction and respect for the student as an individual. The AIIGS curriculum will be dynamic in nature and subject to constant re-examination. The educational process is also viewed as extending beyond the learning environment into the totality of the students institution experience. Consequently, the student is given sufficient freedom to grow and to develop sound habits of intellectual curiosity, a conviction of personal responsibility, and a capacity of leadership.

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